Commercial Features in Interior Architecture of Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam in the Process of World Cultural Heritage


Nguyen Thi Bich Van
Supachai Singyabuth

The ancient houses in Hoi An are genuinely remarkable and have contributed significantly to making this town a World Cultural Heritage Site. These old houses are also the embodiment of customs, habits, and ancient lifestyles that have been preserved throughout the years. Previous studies have focused on studying the values of these houses to maintain and promote their historical significance. However, there is still a need to supplement the study of commercial properties in the interior architecture of Hoi An's ancient houses. This would clarify the historical value and cultural interference that have created the architectural form and spatial organisation differences of the old house in this ancient city. Through qualitative research methods, it has been affirmed that Hoi An has a rich history and culture, where many cultural exchanges have been witnessed without a loss of local cultural elements. The study proposes practical solutions to help preserve Hoi An's identity as a museum of living relics and promote sustainable development with the nation's progress towards an ecological-cultural city. The study recommends that the government develop policies to protect these structures and encourage nostalgia business, which will help maintain these houses' architectural and decorative features, enhance educational value and awareness, and benefit both communities and visitors. This is a sustainable and responsible way to develop tourism in Hoi An.


Keywords:World cultural heritage, Ancient house, Multicultural identity, Conservation, Urban tourism, Sustainable development, Business nostalgia

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