Books/Monograph Published by The Elite Scientific publications.

1. Systematics of Fulgoroidea (Homoptera) from Pakistan. I. Family Dictyopharidae Germer
By Shakila Mushtaq. Edition 2002 (ISBN 969-8573-03-6)

2. General Parasitology and Protozoology By Masood Akhtar, Choudhry Sikandar Hayat and
M. Abdul Hafeez. Edition 2003 (ISBN 969-8753-00-1)

3. Protozoology Quick Facts By Masood Akhtar, I.U.Jafar Zafar and M. Abdul Hafeez. Edition 2003
(ISBN 969-8753-02-8)

5. Glossary of Agronomy By Asif Tanveer, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Athar Nadeem and
Asghar Ali. Edition 2008 (ISBN 978-969-8753-05-1)

6. Human Resource Management in Pakistan By Zareen Abbasi. Edition 2009
(ISBN 978-969-8753-06-1)


Abstract book of 1st International Conference on Zoonoses-2014


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