Rank-and-File Employees’ Work Attitude, Motivation and Performance in an Academe


Renecynth B. Jaurigue
Noemi G. Laspinas
Hyacin S. Inojales
Reygei B. Hermano

This study aimed to empirically explain the effect and relationship of attitude and motivation to job performance among rank-and-file employees of West Visayas State University in the Philippines. A descriptive correlation design was used in conducting the study. The researchers' data-gathering instruments were tested for reliability and validity. Using the purposive sampling method, 170 permanent rank-and-file employees participated in this study. Results revealed that employees at a state university were positive towards the work and highly motivated individuals; thus, their performance was outstanding. This descriptive-correlational research showed the existence of a significant relationship between work motivation and job performance among employees across campuses at the university. Personal factors like age, gender, civil status, educational attainment, length of service, and salary significantly impacted participants' job performance. The study further revealed that work attitude and motivation are significantly related to job performance. This may imply that a positive work attitude equals positive job performance. This confirms findings from comparative studies and may benefit HR managers and HEI administrators so they can adapt work attitude-enhancing activities and programs for their rank-and-file employees.


Keywords:Work, Attitude, Motivation, Job Performance, Rank-and-File Employees

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