Volume 7, Number 2, 2009




101-107 Sexual Health Decisions Amongst Students of Some Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria
Rasheed Kola Ojikutu

108-111 Growth and Yield Response of Maize (Zea mays L.) to Organic and Inorganic Sources of Nitrogen
Syed Talat Hussain Shah, M. Shahid Ibni Zamir, M.Waseem, Asghar Ali, M.Tahir and Waleed Bin Khalid

112-118 Economic Growth and Exchange Rate Volatility in Case of Pakistan
Zahoor Hussain Javed and Muhammad Farooq

119-122 To Investigate the Long–run Equilibrium Relationship Between Health Expenditure and Gross Domestic Product: A Case Study of Pakistan
Maqsood Hussain, Khalid Mushtaq and Abdul Saboor

123-125 Marketing Competitiveness of Mobilink in Context of New Emerging Cellular Companies in Pakistan
Babak Mahmood, Shabbir Hussain and Abdul Hannan

126-130 Old Age People: A Socio-Economic View of their Problems in Peshawar City, Pakistan
Niaz Muhammad, Mushtaq Ahmad Jan, Musawir Shah and Zahoor Ahmad

131-135 Effect of Different Intermittent Feeding Regimes on the Performance of Broilers
Fawwad Ahmad, Ahsan ul Haq, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Zubair Siddiqui and Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq

136-139 Participation Level of Rural Women Regarding Post Harvesting Activities in Pakistan
Humera Amin, Tanvir Ali, Munir Ahmad and Muhammad Iqbal Zafar

140-143 Efficacy of Some Insecticides Against Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.) Infesting Cotton under Field Conditions
Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Hamid Bashir, Muhammad Afzal and Muhammad Ahsan Khan

144-147 Comparative Resistance of Some Cotton Cultivars against Sucking Insect Pests
Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Hamid Bashir and Muhammad Afzal

148-154 Perceptual Experience of Stakeholders Regarding Role of Sports Participation in Uprooting Social Evils From Society
Asif Jamil, AbdurRahman and Saeed Anwar

155-160 A Comparative Analysis of Loanee and Non-Loanee Farmers
Muhammad Khalid Bashir and Muhammad Masood Azeem

161-167 Effect of Nitrogen Application on Forage Yield and Quality of Maize Sown Alone and in Mixture With Legumes
M. Ather Nadeem, Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Ayub, Khuram Mubeen and M. Ibrahim

168-174 Effect of Different Herbicides on Weeds, Growth and Yield of Spring Planted Maize (Zea mays L.)
Muhammad Tahir, M. Rashad Javed, Asif Tanveer, M. Ather Nadeem, Allah Wasaya, S.A.H. Bukhari and Jamil-Ur-Rehman
175-180 Effect of Conidial Concentration of Entomopathogenic Fungi on Mortality of Cabbage Aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae L.
Muhammad Ramzan Asi, Muhammad Hamid Bashir, Muhammad Afzal and Saqib Imran

181-184 Effect of Different Irrigation Management Strategies on Growth and Yield of Soybean
Asghar Ali, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Ather Nadeem, Asif Tanveer, Muhammad Asif, Allah Wasaya and Jamil-Ur-Rehman

185-189 Effect of Nitrogen Application and Harvesting Intervals on Forage Yield and Quality of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum americanum L.)
M. Ayub, M. A. Nadeem, M. Tahir, M. Ibrahim and M.N. Aslam