Volume 11, Number 2, 2013




Research Papers

85-95 Microbial Xylosidases: Production and Biochemical Characterization
Sumaira Kousar, Ghulam Mustafa and Amer Jamil

96-101 Application of Nitrocefin Test for the Direct Detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Bovine Mastitis Milk Samples
Qaisar Azeez, Sajjad-ur-Rahman, Usman Waheed, Muhammad Ismail, Rahat Ali and Tayyaba Ali

102-106 A Phenotypic Study of NAcetyltransferase1 (Nat1) In Local Human Population for Determination of NAcetyl Metabolite of 5Aminosalicylic Acid
Sadaf Saleem, Tahira Iqbal, Amer Jamil and Faqir Hussain Khan

107-111 Trophic Niche Breadth and Niche Overlap among Different Guilds of Spider Species in Wheat Agroecosystem
Gulnaz Afzal, Shakila Mushtaq, Shahnaz Akhtar Rana1 and Munir Ahmad Sheikh

112-117 Hepatitis B virus Genotypes from Clinical Sample of Hepatitis B Antigen Positive Patients by Using PCR Method in Kohat Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Sultan Ayaz, Mohammad Anwar, Sanuallah Khan, Farman Ullah Wasir, Mabashir Hussain and Masood Akhtar

118-125 Estimating Growth and Yield Related Traits of Wheat Genotypes under Variable Nitrogen Application in SemiArid Conditions
Syeda Refat Sultana, Ashfaq Ahmad, Aftab Wajid and Javaid Akhtar

126-132 Implementation and Evaluation of a ComputerBased Nutrition Education Intervention in the Primary Schools of Lahore, Pakistan
Aisha Siddique

133-138 Impact Assessment of Agricultural Training Program of AKRSP to Enhance the SocioEconomic Status of Rural Women: A Case Study of Northern Areas of Pakistan
Nabila Khurshid, Abdul Saboor, Jamila Khurshid and Saeed Akhtar

139-146 Assessment of Positive Effects of Illness: Implications for an Integrative Approach of BioPsychoSocioSpiritual Model
Aneela Maqsood, Tahira Jabeen and Haleema Khatoon

147-153 Assessment of Morphological, Antioxidant, Biochemical and Ionic Responses of SaltTolerant and SaltSensitive Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) under Saline Regime
Tahira Abbas, Muhammad Aslam Pervez, Chaudhary Muhammad Ayyub and Rashid Ahmad

154-164 Effect of Supplemental Foliar-Applied Potassium on Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Yield and Lint Quality under Drought Stress
Rashid Ahmad, Raja Ghulam Muhammad Hur, Ejaz Ahmad Waraich, Muhammad Yasin Ashraf and Mumtaz Hussain

165-170 The Effect of GnRH (Dalmarelin) Given on Day 12 PostMating on Ovarian Function and Embryo Development in Lohi Sheep at Southern Punjab, Pakistan
Mushtaq Hussain Lashar and Zahida Tasawar

171-178 Autosomal Recessive Retinitis Pigmentosa is Associated with Missense Mutation in CRB1 in a Consanguineous Pakistani Family
Neelam Sultan, Shahid Mehmood Baig, Munir A. Sheikh, Amer Jamil and Sajjad-ur-Rahman