Volume 10, Number 2, 2012




Review Article

84-90 Persistence, Emergence and Distribution of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV); Global and Pakistan Perspectives
Muhammad Abubakar, Sehrish Kanwal and Ali Saeed

Research Articles

91-97 Use of Rolling Circle Amplification for the Identification of Unknown Components of Banana Bunchy top Virus from Pakistan
Rohina Bashir, Farrukh Javed, Rashid Ahmed and Shahid Mansoor

98-101 Cloning of a β-glucosidase gene from thermophilic fungus Cheatomium thermophilum
Amna Mushtaq and Amer Jamil

102-105 Assessment of various growth and yield attributes of tomato in response to pre-harvest applications of calcium chloride
Chauhadry Muhammad Ayyub, Muhammad Aslam Pervez, Muhammad Rashid Shaheen, Muhammad Irfan Ashraf, Muhammad Wasim Haider, Shabbir Hussain and Nasir Mahmood

106-110 Trehalose Expression in Hexaploid Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Germplasm under Drought Stress
Muhammad Javid Iqbal, Mehboob Ur Rahman, Muhammad Ashraf, Munir A. Sheikh and Amer Jamil

111-115 Natural Incidence of Fungi and Mycotoxins on Corn Grains in Ibb (Yemen)
Qais Abdullah Nogaim

116-122 Heterologous expression and characterization of an antifungal chitinase Chi39 from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar konkukian
Muhammad Aamer Mehmood, Mamoona Latif and Fauzia Yusuf Hafeez

123-129 Bacillus subtilis Improvement through UV and Chemical Mutagenesis for Indigenously Hyperproduced Urate oxidase
Munazzah Meraj, Khalil-ur-Rahman, Amer Jamil, Muhammad Ashraf, M. Ibraheem Rajoka, Sadia Javed and Nazish Jahan

130-138 Technical Efficiency of Wheat Production in Punjab (Pakistan): A Cropping Zone Wise Analysis
Abid Hussain, Abdul Saboor, Muhammad Azeem Khan, Abdul Qayyum Mohsin, Fayyaz ul Hassan and Muhammad Zubair Anwar

139-144 Health Status, Income Inequality and Institutions: Evidence from Pakistan Economy
Samia Nasreen, Sofia Anwar and Nisar Ahmad

145-149 Effect of Econase, Avizyme and Zympex Enzymes on the Performance of Broiler Chicks
Ahsan ul Haq, Yasser Mehmood, Fawwad Ahmad, Shahid-ur-Rehman and Muhammad Ashraf

Assessing the Impact of Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field Schools (IPM-FFSs) on Acquisition of Farmers’ Knowledge Regarding Use of Pesticide, Nutrient Management and Confidence in Decision Making Process
Akhtar Ahmed Siddiqui, Mehtab Siddiqui and Oliver Knox

156-160 A Study on Root Growth of Onion (Allium cepa L.) Under Storage Conditions
Jalal-ud-Din Baloch, Shafqatullah Baloch, Muhammad Munir and Atiq Ahmad Alizai

161-165 Effect of Silicon and Boron Foliar Application on Yield and Quality of Rice
Awais Ahmad, Muhammad Tahir, Ehsan Ullah, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Ayub, Hasseb-ur-Rehman and Muhammad Talha
Research Note

166-171 Performance evaluation and simulation of a photovoltaic powered water pumping system
Anjum Munir, Amman Ullah, Muhammad Usman Ghani, Muhammad Iqbal and Manzoor Ahmad
Short Communication

172-175 Enhancement of Productivity of Sheep through Feeding Of Urea Molasses Treated Rice Hulls
Khalid Mahmood Raisani, Masroor Ahmad Bajwa, Ferhat Abbas, Mohammad Masood Tariq, Majed Rafeeq, Mohammad Arif Awan, Sohail Sajid, Farhat Abbas Bukhari and Abdul Waheed