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The clarity in the publishing record is a crucial element of information distribution, according to the Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences (PJLSS), in order to better serve our scholars, librarians, and other members of the academic community. PJLSS takes the Crossmark program as part of our commitment to providing a trustworthy Version of Record. This application provides useful article metadata and enables users to quickly and easily find the status of a piece of published content, including updates, corrections, and retractions.

What is Crossmark?

Readers can find the authoritative version of a document using the standard method provided by CrossMark, a multi-publisher project from CrossRef. For scholars and libraries, the integrity and comprehensiveness of the scholarly record are crucial, and PJLSS places a high value on upholding confidence in the legitimacy of its electronic archive. The reader can learn more about a document's status by clicking on the CrossMark icon, which may also reveal other publishing record details.

What it does?

For all published documents, we have updated the version of the record to include the CrossMark logo. The reader will be informed of a document's current status and further publishing record information, such as authors' or license information, by clicking on the CrossMark icon (if available). As a writer, this adds a layer of authenticity to your writing. Every published document's title page will bear the CrossMark logo:

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