Qassim University English Language Teachers’ Perspectives about the Usage of Unconventional Teaching Methods


Ahmad Abdullah Alomaireeni

There is abundant research available in the previous literature regarding teaching methods in the global context generally and in the Saudi English as a Foreign Language (EFL) context. However, a gap exists regarding research on novel and unconventional teaching methods. Thus, the current study aims to explore the EFL teachers' perspectives on the usage and effectiveness of these methods in the English language learning of Saudi EFL learners. A qualitative research approach was employed for this purpose. Moreover, in order to collect the data, semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven teachers teaching at Qassim University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Thematic analysis was used to extract significant themes from the transcription of the interviews. Findings indicated that teachers had used several novel methods, including the flipped method, mindfulness-based teaching, emotioncy-based instruction, and loving pedagogy. The teachers mentioned numerous advantages of using these methods, which help Saudi EFL learners learn English. Based on the findings, the study presents a few implications of using these methods for teachers, students, and educational policymakers.


Keywords:EFL context, English language teachers, Unconventional teaching methods

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