A Comprehensive Study on Fostering Innovative Activities in Future Specialists through Training and Student-Centered Learning Approaches


Stambekova Zhazira
Raissa Izmagambetova
Massimova Khurshidam
Bekbolatova Kuralaу
Madvakas Seksembaevich Myrzakanov
Karim Baigutov

The study focused on the development of innovative skills among future specialists in the education sector using a student-centred pedagogical approach. We employed a specialized methodology to assess the importance of innovation in the development of students’ specialized skills. Additionally, we explored the impact of individualized education and transformational pedagogical practices. It was found that an individual learning approach has a positive association with the development of professional competencies. Moreover, an individualistic approach positively contributes to innovative thinking abilities. Furthermore, transformational pedagogical practices have a positive association with self-based learning. Overall, the study provides valuable insights into individualized learning education and its contribution to the development of professional competencies and innovative skills in the education sector.


Keywords:Innovative activities, Future specialists, Personality-oriented training, Student-centered learning, Pedagogical approaches

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