Impact of Legal Education Provisions in China's Vocational Law on Students' Compliance Attitudes in Zhejiang


Changjing Xia
Menggang Niu

This study highlights the importance of China's vocational education law in bringing vocational education into line with changing legal and societal expectations by examining how the law affects awareness of legal compliance among students in Zhejiang province's higher vocational colleges. The study's main objective is to incorporate legal education into career programs to develop law-abiding citizens and workers who are aware of their legal obligations. Employing a quantitative research design, the study utilized structured electronic surveys to collect data from 500 students across various vocational disciplines, analyzing their awareness of the vocational education law, attitudes toward legal compliance, and the perceived impact of their education on legal awareness. The results show that students' attitudes toward legal compliance and their knowledge of the vocational education law are positively correlated, indicating the value of integrating legal education in raising students' legal awareness. The research finds that awareness of legal compliance varies significantly depending on the type of work one does, age, and socioeconomic level, among other demographic variables. These findings highlight the necessity of customized legal education approaches that take into account the various requirements and backgrounds of vocational students. The managerial and policy ramifications of this research are significant; it advocates for changes to laws and educational initiatives that guarantee equal access to legal education for students from all backgrounds and professions. Vocational education can better support the development of legally aware professionals by considering these factors, which are in line with China's larger educational and social objectives.


Keywords:Vocational education law, Legal compliance awareness, Vocational students, Educational policy, Curriculum development

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