Influences of International Exchange Programs and Research Engagement on Faculty Development in Higher Education Institutions


Lina Wei
Piyapong Sumettikoon

The study examines the significant effects of their satisfaction with international exchange programs and their participation in international research activities on faculty members' professional development within higher education institutions. The main objective of this study is to find out the considerable correlation between faculty members' professional advancement and their satisfaction with international exchange programs. Results indicate that faculty development is highly influenced by satisfaction and participation in international research activities. In this research paper, survey data from various departments across multiple Chinese universities is quantitatively analyzed. Purposive sampling was utilized in this starfield to gather the intended respondents. The findings highlight the significance of exchange program quality and content and the benefits of active engagement in global research. The study also focuses on how faculty members' global experiences enhance their innovative teaching practices, research output, and professional development.


Keywords:Higher education, Exchange program, Research engagement, Professional advancement, Faculty development

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