Factors Influencing the Job Performance of Tour Guides in Southern Thailand


Nutsana Na Phayap
Natika Chaiyanupong
Wilasinee Thanapitak
Chanwut Thongkamkaew
Natsamol Jirangvoraphot
Thanita Sae-Chee

The study examines the tour guides' job satisfaction and productivity, which can be positively impacted by raising their propensity for job performance. The study aims to create new working policies that would further encourage a better working environment for tour operators and other pertinent agencies. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the variables that may impact tour guides' job performance. This quantitative study explores the relationship between job performance and work-life balance, innovative behavior, social media usage, and work ethics. 11,880 tour guides make up the population of this study, and the sample size was established using the Yamane technique. Based on the computation, 387 is the minimum sample size. A greater sample size is preferable to the minimum, nevertheless. The results reveal that work ethics (β= 0.306, p < 0.05), social media usage (β= 0.205, p < 0.05), innovative behavior (β = 0.432, < 0.05), work-life balance (β = 0.321, p < 0.05) significantly influenced job performance among tour guides in the South of Thailand. Moreover, although their impacts significantly impacted job performance, social media usage is the primary concern, as this factor demonstrates less impact on job performance.


Keywords:Work ethics, Social media usage, Innovative behavior, Work-life balance, Job performance

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