The Effect of Knee Stretching Exercise with Knee Strengthening Exercise on Pain, Rom, and Motion Function Post Knee Injury in Climbing



The main purpose of the study was to determine the effect of providing knee stretching exercises combined with knee strengthening exercises on reducing pain, increasing ROM, and increasing motor function in rock climbing athletes who have knee injuries. This research design uses quasiexperimental pretest and posttest design. The number of participants were 110 selected by using purposive sampling technique, inclusion/exclusion criteria was also employed, 55 participants each were in the intervention group and control group. The experiment was conducted in different phases, namely the preparatory phase, implementation phase and termination phase. The instruments used in this research include a questionnaire for demographic data, a pain scale using NRS, flexion and extension ROM using a goniometer, and movement function using KOS (knee injury outcome survey). Knee stretching exercise intervention combined with knee strengthening exercise was found effective in reducing the pain scale, increasing flexion and extension ROM, and improving motor function in athletes after knee injury. The advantages of knee stretching exercise, a combination of knee strengthening exercise, can increase blood flow, which can reduce the level of pain, increase muscle and joint flexibility so that ROM increases, and reduce or eliminate pain in the joints, which can improve the function of knee movement for daily activities. Thus, intervention in the form of knee stretching exercise combined with knee strengthening exercise can be used as a treatment to improve the quality of life and performance of athletes after injury


Keywords:Knee injury, Static stretching, Athletes, ROM, ACL injuries administration

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