Leisure Involvement and Purchase Intention of Fitness Program in Taiwan: Mediation of eWOM and Corporate Image of Sponsor


Yu-sheng Lin
Chi-yueh Hsu
Ting-i Lee
Ping-rong Yang
Chun-yu Chien

This research aims to investigate the impact of leisure involvement, Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM), and corporate image on purchase intentions in the context of free fitness training courses in Taiwan. The study seeks to understand the interplay of these factors and their influence on consumer decisions within the fitness industry. Employing a quantitative approach, data were collected from 381 consumers through purposive and snowball samplings. The questionnaire, distributed on sports and fitnessrelated social networking sites, Line, Facebook, and Instagram, was designed to elicit responses anonymously. Statistical SPSS analysis examined the relationships between leisure involvement, e-WOM, corporate image, and purchase intentions. The study also explored moderation effects based on demographic variables. The findings reveal significant positive associations between leisure involvement and purchase intentions, with e-WOM and corporate image mediating in this relationship. Furthermore, demographic variables, particularly age, were identified as moderators, highlighting the nuanced impact of these factors across different consumer segments. This research contributes to the existing body of knowledge by empirically uncovering the intricate dynamics shaping consumer behaviour in the fitness industry. The study's originality lies in its holistic exploration of the relationships between leisure involvement, e-WOM, corporate image, and purchase intentions. The findings hold significance for marketing practitioners and fitness program providers, offering actionable insights to enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction.


Keywords:Leisure involvement, Electronic word of mouth, Corporate image, Purchase intentions, Fitness programs

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