The Impact of Short Video Ads on Viewers' Attitudes and Purchase Intent


Yue Zhao
Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali
Jamaluddin Aziz
Yueshu Luo

As a media propaganda method, short video advertisements can output commodity content quickly and deepen the audience's impression. However, there needs to be more quantitative research on the impact of short videos on audience attitudes and purchase intentions, which cannot provide effective support for short video production and content screening. Based on the previous short video research theory, this paper provides a quantitative algorithm to explore the impact of short video advertisements on audience attitude and purchase intention. Methods A total of 530 viewers of short video advertisements were randomly selected from October 2022 to December 2022 and were divided into a control group and an intervention group by questionnaire survey. According to the relevant influencing factors, the responses of the two groups of viewers were compared and analyzed to better observe and understand. The results show that short video information quality has a significant positive impact on audience perceptions of information (β= 0.211, p = 0.000), and hypothesis 1 holds. User atmosphere significantly impacts perceived information usefulness (β= 0.138, p = 0.013), so hypothesis 2 holds. Moreover, only Hypothesis 6 does not hold. This also means impulsiveness does not positively impact the audience's purchase intention. Therefore, short video advertisements have a relatively great influence on audience attitude and purchase intention, while information quality has a greater influence on audience attitude and purchase intention.


Keywords:Short video, Video advertisement, Communication technology, Audience attitude, Purchase intent

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