The Role of Leisure Satisfaction, Leisure Boredom, in Predicting Occupational Burnout Among Public Primary School Teachers in Saudi Arabia


Homoud Mohammed Nawi Alanazi

This study investigates the association between leisure satisfaction, leisure boredom, and occupational burnout among primary school teachers in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, it also aimed to examine the mediating role of job stress and the moderating role of support system between leisure satisfaction, leisure boredom, and occupational burnout. Utilizing a quantitative approach, the study distributed structured surveys to a sample 1500 of public primary school teachers from 5 regions of Saudi Arabia. The survey instrument incorporated validated leisure satisfaction measures, boredom, job stress, support systems, and occupational burnout. With a sample size of 1000 complete responses, the research employed statistical analyses, including regression and mediation analyses, to explore the relationships among the variables. The findings of the study showed that leisure satisfaction and leisure boredom have a significant impact on occupational burnout (p < 0.05). Moreover, the findings also showed that job stress significantly mediates the relationship between leisure satisfaction, leisure boredom, and occupational stress (p < 0.05). In addition, the support system was found to be a significant moderator between these relations (p < 0.05). This research explores leisure experiences as predictors of burnout, a departure from the predominant focus on work-related stressors in the literature. The study's originality lies in its comprehensive examination of leisure satisfaction, boredom, job stress, and social support within the specific context of Saudi Arabian public primary schools. The findings not only contribute to theoretical frameworks guiding the understanding of teacher well-being but also hold practical significance for the development of targeted interventions and policies to enhance teacher resilience and sustain well-being in the unique cultural and organizational landscape of Saudi Arabia.


Keywords:Leisure satisfaction, Leisure boredom, Occupational burnout, Social support, Teacher well-being

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