Management for Developing and Enhancing Nora Culture for Creative Tourism: A Case Study of Thakhae Community, Thailand


Wilasinee Thanapitak
Wiwat Rittima
Chintana Kasinant
Sirichai Kumanchan
Suwimol Jungjit
Natika Chaiyanupong
Sunitda Chusawat
Nutsana Na Phayap

This study investigates the factors influencing the management to develop and enhance Nora culture to become a creative tourism destination, as Nora is an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The study employed two methods of data collection. The first involved qualitative data; 20 respondents with a relationship with the Thakhae community were interviewed. Thematic analysis was applied to examine the responses. The second method utilized quantitative research, surveying 140 persons with a relationship with the community. A semi-structured survey questionnaire was administered, and the data were analyzed using SPSS. The qualitative findings identified various barriers to developing Nora culture, such as inadequate facilities. Moreover, ninety percent of respondents indicated that while the community believes in Nora culture, individuals need more time to contribute to its development due to their job commitments. Additionally, there needs to be more trust that investing time in developing Nora will yield returns. Eighty per cent of respondents expressed the view that the government should provide support in training, supervision, monitoring, and funding to aid in developing and enhancing Nora culture for creative tourism. Quantitative findings confirm that sub-themes fall under the main themes from qualitative discovery


Keywords:Cultural tourism, Nora culture, Community participation, Government support, Thailand

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