Analysis of the Dissemination Mechanism and Influence of School Factors and Cyberbullying among Youth in China in the PostEpidemic Personal Media Era


Shen Yu
Siti Nur Izyandiyana Binti Ab Hadi

The proliferation of online language violence and online bullying deeply affects college students in a critical period of forming worldviews and values. The invention and application of mobile internet technology have broadened the communication channels of virtual society, and more and more netizens are expressing their views on social issues through the internet. There is an urgent need to analyze the mechanism of online language violence, explore governance strategies for online language violence, strengthen ideological and political education in universities, and adapt to the romantic situation of college students in the era of the internet. This study starts with the characteristics of online bullying in universities. It analyzes the derivation and dissemination mechanisms of campus online bullying through statistical analysis of the development patterns of campus online violence in typical network events. Research has found that online violence is mainly spread through platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, mainly through group or private chat attacks. At the same time, online violence can increase the crime rate among teenagers through theft and robbery. Campus online violence will have a profound impact on the growth of teenagers from both practical and psychological perspectives. Intervention in ideological and political education on campus and blocking online platforms within a week of online violence are essential means of organizing campus online violence. Meanwhile, continuous ideological and political education can significantly reduce the crime rate among minors caused by online violence.


Keywords:Personal media era, Campus environment, Cyberbullying, Youth groups, Violent supervision

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