Management and Care of Pregnant Women in Their Third Trimester with COVID-19 at Tangerang Hospital, Indonesia: A Comprehensive Approach


Maryati Sutarno

COVID-19 is a widespread contagious viral infection that can severely affect the respiratory system. Although many people recover from using the disease without special care or treatment, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to pulmonary infections due to their hangers systems system and physiology. To investigate the treatment provided to pregnant women who are PCR-positive for COVID-19 in their early three months of pregnancy, a reanalyzed analyzed data from 84 participants who received treatment at Tangerang Regional Hospital in 2study was the study conducted based on an ases of observational investigation with a cross-sectional approach. It assembled the data for analysis of the chi-square test. The results showed that 92.9% of participants underwent a cesarean section, while the remaining 7.1% were discharged after giving birth typically or recovering. Additionally, the study did not find any correlation between factors such as age, education, work, gravida, ANC visit, and the impact of COVID-19 on the third trimester of pregnancy at Tangerang Hospital in 2022. The study recommends that pregnant women seek information about pregnancy care from healthcare providers, particularly midwives, posyandu officers, and the media, to make well-known decisions about their health and well-being during this critical period, ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy outcome.


Keywords: Treatment, COVID-19, Pregnancy, Tangerang hospital

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