Solution of Poverty Problems during the Covid-19 situation of the community in Krasang District, Buriram Province, Thailand


Preecha Panoram

This research was to study the factors causing the problem of poverty through comparative analysis of variance and multiple regression to forecast the independent and dependent variable groups, including studying and analyzing guidelines for solving poverty problems in the community during the COVID-19 situation in Krasang District, Buriram Province of Thailand. According to the Toro Yamane table, the sample group used in the research comprised 400 people suffering from poverty. The statistics used in the research were percentage, mean, standard deviation, variance, and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that in solving poverty during the COVID situation, from the original turning to industry, investment for product distribution, and general contracting, However, some people turned their attention to the management of agriculture under the new agriculture theory, i.e., management on their own land for growing vegetables, growing rice, digging ponds for raising fish, etc. From such operations, After the COVID situation passed, it was found that everyone could adhere to the activities according to the concept of new theory sufficiency. Agriculture as a career.


Keywords:Poverty problems, Solution of poverty problems, Covid-19 situation, New theory sufficiency, agriculture, Sustainable Development

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