Enhancing Project-based Learning (PBL) in Cloud Education Models for Word Software Courses


Shi Tang
Sirirat Petsangsri
Thanin Ratana-Olarn

This research aimed to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to gauge the needs of both students and educators concerning Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the context of a Cloud Education Model for Word Software Courses. The primary objectives encompassed the assessment of students' receptiveness towards PBL adoption and the evaluation of instructors' levels of enthusiasm for embracing the PBL instructional model. The study emphasized establishing a synergistic understanding between educators and learners regarding the seamless integration of PBL within the Cloud Education framework. Significantly, the research sought to innovatively develop and put together PBL within the Cloud Education milieu, discerning disparities in software proficiency and computational thinking between students exposed to PBL through Cloud Education and their counterparts experiencing traditional instructional methodologies.


Keywords:Project-based Learning (PBL), Cloud Education Model, Digital age adaptation, Creative thinking, Computational thinking, Teaching design

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