The Role of the Discipline of Social Work in Protecting the Environment from Pollution in Saudi


Aref Alsehaimi

Social work has gradually grown to recognize its importance in contributing to the mitigation of environmental degradation. Nonetheless, the growing concern is only seemingly at the surface level, with many facets of the discipline yet to incorporate environmental conservation considerations. This study aimed at assessing how the discipline of social work is involved in protecting the environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The present study investigates the crucial role of the discipline of social work in safeguarding the environment from pollution in the context of Saudi Arabia. Grounded in the framework of social exchange theory, the study explores the interconnection between social work practices and participation behavior in environmental protection efforts. Utilizing SmartPLS for analysis, a quantitative research approach was adopted, involving 260 participants in data collection. The study delves into the complex relationships between latent constructs, employing partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) through SmartPLS. It did this by evaluating the role of social work education, research, and practice in contributing to environmental conservation in the Kingdom. It collected data from faculty members and students in several Saudi Arabian universities on their perspectives on the role of social work in environmental conservation. The study findings revealed that social work education, research, and practice in Saudi Arabia is yet to have an impactful role in preventing pollution.


Keywords:Social work, Pollution, Environmental protection, Saudi Arabia, Investment, Corporate Environmental, Responsibility

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