Implementation of UNESA Mars Strategy on Academic Community to Strengthen Unesa One Step Ahead


Muhammad Turhan Yani
Wiwik Sri Utami
Ali Imron

Music is a medium for expressing the soul through tones or sounds to convey certain messages and meanings. One of the musical works is the Mars song, a composition with a regular rhythm, strong stomping, and a fast tempo. Surabaya State University has the UNESA Mars Song as an icon, and one of the lyrics is about "realizing the knowledge of faith and piety. UNESA is still victorious." This study aims to describe the form and strategy for implementing knowledge, faith, and piety among UNESA academicians through the UNESA Mars Song to strengthen "UNESA One Step Ahead". This is a type of qualitative research with a phenomenological approach. The research was conducted at Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA) by taking the subjects of the academic community (leaders, lecturers, education staff, and students) and selecting them purposefully. Data were obtained through observation and in-depth interviews, which were analyzed using interactive Miles and Huberman techniques. The meaning of the verse "knowledge, faith, and piety" helps foster an intelligent and noble character. The verse "UNESA remains victorious" means that UNESA continues to develop a young generation of noble characters. The connection between the verses "knowledge, faith, and piety" and "UNESA remains victorious" is to motivate an academician member of the community to be passionate about fighting for identity with noble character. The aim is to adopt a strategy for promoting and practising knowledge, faith, and piety through community socialization. Moreover, the strategy for realizing UNESA's glory is under UNESA's Mars: to inspire educators and students who excel in academic and non-academic fields and have a noble character. Another strategy is to promote learning, worship, and religious activities in everyday life. To do it, one must encourage knowledge by promoting literacy.


Keywords:Mars UNESA, Academic community, UNESA one step ahead, Character

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