Antecedents of Mental Disorder among Physically Inactive Employees Study of Jordanian Higher Education Institutions: Mediated Moderation of Perceived Threat of Covid-19 and Psychological Capital


Bilal Awad Al-Dmour
Abdel-Hafez Tayseer Al-Nawayseh
Megdad Ahmad Al-Tarawneh
Zainalabedin Mohammad Bani Hani

This study aimed at identifying the antecedents and explaining the unexplored path of mental disorder among the physically inactive individuals. Grounded in social cognitive theory and social exchange theory, this cross sectional field study with convenient sampling examines stress, anxiety, depression, and mental disorder in 377 survey respondents from Jordanian higher education institutions. Additionally, moderating effect of psychological capital and the mediating effect of perceived COVID-19 threat was assessed. Results from Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) indicate that the direct links between stress, anxiety, depression on mental disorder were significant. Further using PLS mediated moderation analysis the moderating effect of psychological capital and mediating effect of perceived COVID-19 threat was proved in Jordanian sample. The study is incremental to suggest future research directions and policy insights for developing countries and specifically these findings are vital for clinical psychologists and practitioners working in Jordanian setting.


Keywords: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mental disorder, Psychological capital, Perceived threat of COVID-19, Social cognitive theory, Social exchange theory

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