The Perception of Administrative Staff on the Abolition of Echelon III and IV for Beaureucratic Reform in the Higher Education


Endah Setyowati
Abdul Hakim

Bureaucrat is an element of the nation’s competitive strength with high competence and performance to achieve goals and professionalism, as well as build the image of public services. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the perception of the administration staff at Brawijaya University regarding the abolition of echelons III and IV and to change structural into functional positions. Survey method is used to distribute questionnaires to quali􀅫ied administration staff, and the respondent population of echelon III and IV in Brawijaya university is 92 people, and after the distribution, 76 responses were considered valid. The results showed that the respondents had a negative perception of the effect of echelon abolition on the existence of their jobs and of the expectations of changes in job effectiveness. Meanwhile, they had positive perceptions concerning variables such as career development, motivation, functional duties and positions, constraints, and solutions. These indicate that bureaucratic reform through changes in structural to functional positions needs to increase the effectiveness of the work system and pay attention to the existence of their jobs.


Keywords:Bureaucratic reform, Career development, Functional positions, University

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