Mother’s Lifestyle in Digital Era, Life Satisfaction and Well-being: Moderating Role of E-Learning Anxiety among Jordanian Mothers of Grade 1-3 Students


Suhaib Khaled AL-Takhayneh
Wejdan Karaki
Ola Abdel Alkareem Alhwayan
Rodaina Khader Altarawneh
Ahmed Jibreel Othman AL Matarneh

The emergence of the online education system during the Covid-19 time has brought several psychological and health challenges for the students and parents of early-age students, especially mothers engaged in online education. The present study investigates the moderating role of eLearning anxiety between mothers' lifestyles and life satisfaction, as well as mothers' lifestyles and well-being, among Jordanian mothers of grade1- 3 students. Current research is theoretically and conceptually grounded in self-determination theory. In total, 385 mothers participated in a cross-sectional design field study of the Jordanian governorate of Karak. This study evaluated the direct and moderating effects of study variables using the Smart PLS software 3.0, Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM). The results revealed that mothers' lifestyles had a significant favorable influence on life satisfaction and well-being. Additionally, the association between mothers' lifestyle and well-being, and satisfaction were significantly moderated by eLearning anxiety. The study brings several significant policy takeaways to determine well being and life satisfaction of mothers with online anxiety. Suggestions for future research and recommendations for theoretical and practical implications are based on these unique findings.


Keywords: Mothers lifestyle, Life satisfaction, Self-determination theory, E-Learning anxiety, Mothers well-being, Longevity

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