The Causes of Suicide and Its Socio-demographic Factors in the Philippines


Francis Thaise A. Cimene
Mibzar L. Buko
Ian Mark Q. Nacaya

The study aimed to find out the common causes of suicide in relation to sociodemographic factors in Cagayan de Oro (CDO), Philippines. Only secondary data were gathered which were already publicly published. Results revealed that the common causes of suicide were depression, family problem, financial problem, work pressure and the COVID-19 pandemic. The socio-demographic factors were age, sex, location, civil status and economic status (with or without employment). The highest percentage (37.18%) was due to depression followed by family problem (21.79%). The most number of suicide cases was found among males (82.05%) as compared to females (15.38%) and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) (2.56%). A total of 78.20% of cases came from urban part while only 21.80% were from rural area. Results revealed that the socio-demographic factors significantly predict the causes of suicide (p = .053). Among the factors, only the location had a significant coefficient (β = 1.41, p = .22) which indicated that the propensity of suicide cases were mostly at urban areas. The regression analysis identified were age, sex, location, and civil status as predictors of completed suicide cases. In conclusion, depression was the most common cause of suicide particularly among single individuals in the urban area.


Keywords: Suicide, Depression, Socio-demographic factors, Philippines

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