Dietary Habits Associated with Sociodemographic and Clinical Parameters of Diabetic Patients in Algeria


Houaria Belkebir
Ouahiba Moumen

Diabetes is the leading cause of disability and death in the world and is currently a major public health problem. Nutrition plays a major role in the evolution of this epidemic and in the prevention of cardio-metabolic risks. The objective of this study was to evaluate the association of dietary habits with sociodemographic and clinical parameters of diabetic patients. It is a cross-sectional study with a descriptive aim recruiting 101 patients received in consultation at the level of the house of the diabetics for the inhabitants of Mascara of Algeria. The present work focused on an assessment of dietary behavior and knowledge of their diet according to a questionnaire established and designed specifically for this analysis as well as a measurement of anthropometric parameters for each patient. The average age of study participants was 59.40 years with a female predominance (87.12%). Type 2 diabetes was present in 95.04% of cases. The average body mass index was 29 kg/m2 , most were overweight (43.56%) or obese (30.69%). Therapeutically, 30.69% were under antihypertensive treatment and 25.74% under hypolipidemic treatment. The hygienic and dietary management of diabetes appears to be difficult, which fully justifies the development of therapeutic education programs aimed at accompanying patients in the nutritional management of such metabolic disorders.


Keywords: Diabetes, Nutritional profile, Eating habits, Anthropometric parameters, Algeria

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