Employee Performance Attributes in Post Pandemic Era: Redefining Compassion, Employee Communication, Employee Engagement, and Job Satisfaction


Christian Wiradendi Wolor
Rizki Firdausi Rachma Dania
Rofi Rofaida
Datu Razali Datu Eranza

This study aims to determine how job changes affect compassion, employee communication, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. Previous research has focused on action in times of COVID-19. in order to fill the research gap, it is crucial to do current research that focuses on the post-pandemic era, where many employees are starting to work back to the office after 2 years of working from home. The sample consists of employees of the company in Jakarta, and there are 200 people total in the sample. This method employs a non-probability sampling analysis model in conjunction with a purposive sampling approach to data collection. Quantitative associative surveying and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) are the two methods that make up this technique. Google forms were used to send questionnaires, which were then used to collect responses for analysis. According to the findings of the research, compassion does not affect employee performance; however, compassion does affect employee communication; employee communication affects job satisfaction; employee communication affects employee performance; employee engagement affects job satisfaction; and job satisfaction affects employee performance. Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the findings of this study offer an academic and practical overview that may be utilized to assist firms in developing work commitment for human resources to improve employee performance.


Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Communication, Compassion, Engagement, Commitment, Performance

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