Volume 8, Number 2, 2010




81-88 Moving Away from Traditional Modesty: On Responding to Compliments
Wasima Shehzad

89-93 Difference in Male and Female about the Awareness of Educational Technology at B. Ed Level
Aneela Hasan

94-97 Comparitive Studies on the Growth, Forage Yield and Quality of Sorgum (Sorghum Bicolor l.) Varieties under Irrigated Conditions of Faisalabad
Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Ather Nadeem, Muhammad Tahir , Abdul Ghafoor, Zeeshan Ahmed and Muhammad Naeem

98-101 Integrated Weed Management Studies for Autumn Planted Maize
Muhammad Ather Nadeem, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Tahir and Muhammad Mudassar Maqbool

102-105 Socio-Economics Consequences of Reusing Wastewater in Agriculture in Faisalabad
Haq Nawaz Anwar, Farhana Nosheen, Shafqat Hussain and Waseem Nawaz

106-110 An Assessment of Adoption Level of Mothers Regarding Immunization of their Children among Minorities in Rural Areas of District Faisalabad
Muhammad Asim, Farooq Tanwir, Shabbir Hussain, Abdul Rehman Shahzad and Durre Shawar

111-116 Effect of Nitrogen Applications on Growth, Forage Yield and Quality of Three Cluster Bean Varieties
Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Ather Nadeem, Muhammad Arif Zubair, Muhammad Tariq and M. Ibrahim

117-120 Response of A Newly Developed Fodder Sorghum (Bicolor L. Monech) Variety (F-9917) to NPK Application
Mansoor Azam, Ejaz Ahmad Waraich, Asim Pervaiz and Fahim Nawaz

121-124 Effect of Nitrogen Levels and Plant Spacing on Growth and Yield of Cotton
Muhammad Ather Nadeem, Asghar Ali, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Naeem, Asim Raza Chadhar and Sagheer Ahmad

125-130 Impact of Katchi Abadi Improvement Programme on Squatters’ Health in Punjab
Haq Nawaz Anwar, Shafqat Hussain, Farhana Nosheen and Waseem Nawaz

131-136 Role of Plant Morphological Characters towards Resistance of Some Cultivars of Tomato against Phytophagous Mites (Acari) Under Green House Conditions
Asif Shakoor, Muhammad Altaf Sabri, Muhammad Afzal and Muhammad Hamid Bashir

137-141 Assessing the Household Saving Pattern of Urban and Rural Households in District Muzaffarabad
Saleem Abid and Ghulam Sadiq Afridi

142-147 Antibiosis of Physical Characteristics of Maize Grains to Sitotroga cerealella (Oliv.) (Gelechiidae: Lepidoptera) in Free Choice Test
Sohail Ahmed and Ahmad Raza

148-155 Epidemiological Studies and Molecular Diagnosis of Giardiasis in Bovine
Sultan Ayaz, Muhib Ullah, Farman Ullah Khan, Afshan Bibi, Sumeria Noreen and Humera Rahim

156-158 RNA Extraction of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPRV) from Clinical Samples using Tri-Reagent and Acid Guanidinium Thiocyanate–Phenol–Chloroform Methods
Samina Ashiq, Zulkifal Hussain, Muhammad Abubakar, Shamim Saleha, Muhammad Javed Arshed and Qurban Ali

159-161 On Relationship between some Bayesian and Classical Estimators
Muhammad Tahir and Muhammad Saleem





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