Volume 3, Number 1-2, 2005




Research Papers

1-5 Discount Rate for Investments: Some Basic Considerations in Selecting a Discount Rate
M. Hussain, G. Mumma and A. Saboor

6-9 Impact of Local Institutuions on Development and Poverty Reduction in Rural Areas of Pakistan
N. Nadeem, M. Hussain and A. Saboor

10-12 Effect of enzyme (Chaetomium thermophile) Supplementation on the Production Performance of White Leg Horn Layers
Ahsan ul Haq, M. Shahbaz, Atia Bashir and Shahid ur Rehman

13-17 Wildlife of Border Belt Game Reserve District Narowal, Punjab, Pakistan
M. Akbar, R.A.J. Khan , S. Mehboob and Z.U. Nisa

18-20 Effect Of Different Planting Patterns On Growth Yield And Quality Of Soybean Genotypes
Asghar Ali, Asif Tanveer, Muhammad Ather Nadeem and Muhammad Tahir

21-23 Use of Linear Programming Model to Determine Optimum Cropping Pattern in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan
I. A. Khan, M. A. Khan, I. Hassan and N. Cheema and R Maryam

24-27 Growth of mango cv. Langra as influenced by pruning of malformed panicles
Muhammad Aslam Pervez, C.M. Ayyub, Khurram Zia, Basharat A. Saleem ,Waqar Ahmed and Ulfat Hussain

28-29 Co-education harassing the students of high-level classes: A study conducted in U.A.F and G.C. University, Faisalabad
B. Mahmood, S. Hussain and K. Mehmood

30-32 Human Rights - Islamic and Western Approach
Naveed Irshad and Khalid Mahmood Ch

33-36 The Role of Ulema and Mashaikh in the Pakistan Movement
K. M. Chaudhary and N. Irshad

37-39 Language Development and Society: A study of Faisalabad City
Babak Mahmood, Khalid Mehmood and Shabbir Hussain

40-44 Purification of Endoglucanase From Trichoderma harzianum
M. Sadia, N. Aslam, S. Naim, H. Saleem and A. Jamil

45-49 Temperature and Time Dependent Studies on TSH Tracer Immunoreactivity
Saima Naim and Farhat Zaheer




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