Volume 12, Number 2, 2014




Research Papers

57-63 Social Determinants of Acute Respiratory Infections in Babies and Infants in Pakistan: A Population Based Study
Humaira Maheen and A Dharmalingam

64-68 Comparative Evaluation of Indigenous Herbal Drugs for their Effects on Non-specific and Cell Mediated Immunity in Rabbits
Muhammad Hidayat Rasool, Noreen Fatima Aslam and Zohaib Humyon

69-73 Assessment of Poultry Feed Ingredients Used in Commercial Compound Feed
Muhammad Ashraf Anjum, Zahid Hussain, Sohail Hassan Khan, Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Yasin Amer and Naveed Iftikhar

74-79 Determining Critical Period of Weed Competition in Wheat under Different Tillage Systems
Haidar Ali, Muhammad Tahir and Muhammad Ather Nadeem

80-86 Medicinal Attributes of Aerva javanica Native to Pothohar Plateau
Huma Munir and Raja Adil Sarfraz

87-91 Effect of Zinc Sulphate as Soil Application and Seed Treatment on Green Gram (Vigna radiata L.)
Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Tahir and Muhammad Atif Majeed

92-96 Effect of Soil Application of Humic Acid and Hydrogel on Morpho-Physiological and Biochemical Attributes of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Hafiz Nazar Faried, Muhammad Aslam Pervez, Choudhary Muhammad Ayyub, Muhammad Yaseen, Madiha Butt and Mohsin Bashir

97-100 Antioxidative Protection by Strawberry and Green Tea Extracts During Cryopreservation of Sahiwal Bull Semen
Hazrat Ali, Amjad Riaz, Aamir Ghafoor, Aqeel Javeed, Muhammad Ashraf and Abdul Sattar

101-105 Effect of Molybdenum on Yield and Quality of Black Gram (Vigna mungo L.)
Muhammad Tahir, Alam Sher and Muhammad Atif Majeed

106-113 Effect of Different Irrigation and Management Practices on Corn Growth Parameters
Lubna Anjum, Niaz Ahmad, M Arshad and Riaz Ahmad

114-119 Cost Analysis on Wheat with Operational Time and Fuel Ingestion of Different Tillage Practices in Rice-Wheat Cropping System of Punjab, Pakistan
Saeed Ahmad Qaisrani, Nadeem Akbar, Ehsanullah and Atta Muhammad Ranjha



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